Front Yard Nursery's Potted Rose Selection for 2014
Our roses typically arrive around April - May. If you would like to reserve one (or more), please call us at (530) 626-3494.
CLIMBER: 8-12. Cluster of blooms, most abundant in spring and fall. Good for walls, trellises and fences.
FLORIBUNDA: 2-4, Hybrid tea & Polyantha cross (the best of the Polyantha hardy, low, continual bloom, & the best of the Tea flower form and foliage).
Bears flowers in clusters. Good for borders, mass plantings, walkways and beds.
GRANDIFLORA: Shrub 4-6, Med. Size blooms on individual stems suitable for cutting. Flowers borne singly or in clusters. Hybrid tea and floribunda cross.
GROUND COVER: Low spreading blanket with repeat flowering. Good on banks and in hanging baskets. Disease resistant.
HYBRID TEA: 5. Large, well formed blooms on long single stems for cutting. Good specimen for cut flowers.
MINIATURE (MINI): 1-2, Use as ground covers, climbers, shrubs, or cascading. Small flowers and leaves, compact.
SHRUB: Free-blooming plants with differing flower sizes and forms. Vigorous, disease resistant, hardy, easy to grow. Usually grown on own root. Good for group plantings.
Shade tolerant indicates a rose that can thrive in filtered sun or in part shade. It still requires some sun and will not perform in deep shade (i.e. morning sun & afternoon shade would be best).
Always and Forever Hybrid tea Light YES Bright ruby red Beautiful classic red rose, American Beauty style, 5" blooms.
Angel Face Floribunda Strong   Pure Lavender Very strong fragrance; pretty ruffled petals, a beauty.
Barbara Streisand Hybrid tea Strong   Light lavender interior w/ dark edges Vigorous plant bears loads of long-stemmed fragrant blooms.
Bella'roma NEW Hybrid tea Strong   Yellow w/pink edging Uniquely colored blooms with a powerful antique rose scent. 
Betty Boop Floribunda Moderate   Yellow ivory, edged red Re-blooms quickly without deadheading.
Betty White Hybrid tea Strong YES Blush pink to cream Large cup-like flowers, ideal for cutting.
California Dreamin' Hybrid tea Strong YES Cream w/deep pink edges Large bi-color blooms with a strong citrus scent; does best in the West.
Cherry Parfait Grandiflora Light   Cream w/red edges Heavy blooming, bi-color rose is attractive throughout the season.
Cinco de Mayo Floribunda Moderate   Smoky lavender/red-orange Nice repeat bloomer with interesting color; smokier in cooler temps.
Cinnamon Dolce Hybrid tea Strong YES Deep red w/pink speckles Resists mildew and rust, novel color, and strong fragrance.
Dee-lish NEW Hybrid tea Strong YES Deep pink Non-fading old fashioned blooms, great cut flower, disease resistant too.
Dick Clark Grandiflora Moderate YES Creamy/pink/red Cream/pink blooms blush to red. Vigorous bush , very unique rose.
Double Delight Hybrid tea Strong   Cream blushing red A popular choice with nice coloring and fragrance, prolific w/ many buds.
Fired Up Floribunda No   Orange w/yellow stripes Semi-double continuous blooms, upright bush. Does best in the West.
Firefighter Hybrid tea Strong YES Dark velvet red First rose of the 'Remember Me' garden for 9/11 victims. Vigorous plant.
Francis Meilland '13 AARS winner Hybrid tea Strong YES Light pink Very "True Rose" fragrance; multiple award winner.
George Burns Floribunda Strong YES Yellow w/red stripes Compact heavy blooming bush. No two blooms alike.
Gina Lollobrigida Hybrid tea Strong   Light golden yellow Large abundant blooms on strong upright plant.
Gingersnap Floribunda Light   Deep to light orange Strong orange color will pop in the garden, ruffled petals, rounded shape.
Glowing Peace Grandiflora Moderate   Yellow-orange Novel and unique blooms; color like ripe cantaloupe.
Good as Gold NEW Hybrid tea Moderate   Golden orange Bold and unique colored blooms which contrast nicely against foliage.
Happy Go Lucky NEW Grandiflora Moderate YES Pure yellow Beautiful disease-resistant rose, vigorous and flowerful.
Henry Fonda Hybrid tea Light YES Bright Yellow Nice long-stemmed bright yellow flowers are abundant, a popular choice.
Ingrid Bergman Hybrid tea Strong   Dark red Prolific true red rebloomer, good for containers, holds up well in heat.
Ketchup & Mustard Floribunda Light   Red /yellow reverse Deep red petals are bright yellow underneath. Velvety double blooms
Koko Loco Floribunda Moderate   Milky chocolate fades to lavender Color transition is unusual but beautiful, more lavender in hot temps.
Lasting Love Hybrid tea Strong   Dusky dark red 5" double blooms are showy, great for cutting.
Lasting Peace Grandiflora Light YES Coral/orange Coral-orange blooms on vigorous bush w/ great disease resistance.
Marilyn Monroe Hybrid tea Light   Apricot cream Likes hot weather. Great cut flower with long vase life.
Melody Parfumee Grandiflora Strong YES Plum purple Deep plum with sweetly spicy, old-rose fragrance, & disease resistant too.
Mercury Rising NEW Hybrid tea Light   Creamy w/dark pink edges Vigorous bush with profusion of blooms all summer, great for cutting.
Midas Touch Hybrid tea Moderate YES Brilliant golden yellow Bright yellow blooms born on top of the plant, good disease resistance.
Mister Lincoln Hybrid tea Strong   Deep red A classic red rose with velvet like blooms.
Moondance Floribunda Light YES Creamy white Beautifully-formed, white blooms. Consistent in all climates.
Neptune Hybrid tea Strong   Lavender w/ purple edging Intense rose fragrance, classic form; very large, double blooms.
Oklahoma Hybrid tea Strong   Black velvet red A classic like Mister Lincoln with a darker blooms and intense rose scent.
Olympiad Hybrid tea Light   Pure red Classic long stemmed red rose with long vase life.
Opening Night Hybrid tea Light   Bright red Exhibition class long stem red rose that holds its color.
Oranges N Lemons Shrub Moderate   Bright yellow striped with orange Vigorous bush with beautiful, striking blooms during the summer.
Outta the Blue Shrub Strong   Magenta to lavender-blue Very hardy vigorous shrub with large old-fashioned blooms.
Over the Moon Hybrid tea Moderate   Warm apricot Rounded, bushy habit. Does best with establishment.
Peace Hybrid tea Light   Yellow w/pink edging An old favorite with large blooms and glossy green foliage.
Perfect Moment Hybrid tea Light YES Orangey red w/yellow interior Classic double shape, good cutting rose, disease resistant too.
Perfume Delight Hybrid tea Strong   Deep rose pink Sweet scent on a vigorous, upright plant. Establishment gives more blooms.
Pink Flamingo Grandiflora No YES Deep pink w/hint of salmon Compact and ideal for smaller gardens or containers.
Preference Floribunda No   Scarlet red Free flowering through the season, compact growth habit.
Radiant Perfume Grandiflora Strong   Deep yellow Citrus scent, bright golden yellow on long stems, great cut flower.
Remember Me Hybrid tea Moderate   Coppery apricot orange Plant is spreading and bushy, unique color, fragrant too.
Rock n Roll Grandiflora Strong YES Red w/cream, white swirls Stripes and splashes of burgundy, red and white with a cream reverse.
Scentimental Floribunda Strong   Red striped w/white Continuous bloomer; dried petals make great potpourri.
Secret's Out Hybrid tea Strong   Pure white Similar to Secret, but with pure white blooms and stronger, spicier scent.
Sexy Rexy Floribunda Light   Light coral/pink Prolific and consistent performer in all climates.
Sheila's Perfume Floribunda Strong   Yellow w/ deep pink edging A very popular rose for its color, scent, and vigor.
Tahitian Treasure NEW Grandiflora Light YES Deep salmon pink Strong color, good re-bloomer, disease resistant, and hardy.
The McCartney Rose Hybrid tea Strong   Deep pink Exhibition rose with strong, spicy fragrance, and large blooms.
Topsy Turvy Floribunda Light   Scarlet red w/ white reverse Blooms of bright scarlet red-white reverse, does best in drier climates.
Twilight Zone Grandiflora Strong   Deep velvet purple Velvety blooms, intense clove/citrus scent, very unique rose.
Valencia Hybrid tea Strong   Apricot/copper Large blooms of creamy apricot, strong fragrance, and long vase life.
Vavoom Floribunda Moderate   Bright orange Rounded compact plant, good for small spaces, improves w/ establish.
Veteran's Honor Hybrid tea Light   Bright red Long stemmed, big red blooms last up to two weeks in a vase.
We Salute You Hybrid tea Moderate   Warm orange open to pink interior Warm weather brings out the best and brightest unique blooms.
Cecile Brunner Climber Light   Pastel pink An old-time favorite; blooms in spring and on old wood.
Don Juan Climber Strong   Deep red A classic climber with fragrant and continuous blooms.
Joseph's Coat Climber Light   Multi red, pink, orange, yellow Popular climber with blooms that have a multitude of colors.
Night Owl Climber Moderate   Wine purple Stunning color that lasts; continuous blooms too.
Smiley Face Climber Light YES Bright yellow Vibrant color on a plant that is resistant to mildew and rust.
Zephirine Drouhin Climber Moderate   Deep pink Old fashioned thornless bloomer with bunches of lovely blooms.
Mister Lincoln Hybrid tea Strong   A classic red rose with velvet like blooms.
Shockwave Floribunda Light   Neon yellow Consistent performer, color keeps throughout bloom.
Showbiz Floribunda Light YES Fire engine red Compact, rounded habit looks great on tree, disease resistant too.
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