Welcome to the Front Yard Nursery! Located in Placerville, Ca, we are the largest nursery in El Dorado County featuring
drought-tolerant, native, and unique plants and trees as well as solutions for pests & problems and an array of organic products.


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Drip Tubing
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Drip tubing

Thank you for joining us at our
anniversary celebration, and helping us to continue to thrive locally in our community!

New employees - meet our newBrittany helpers this spring!

Veggie starts galore! Come on in and shop for your veggie gardens!



Our roses have arrived! Come and see these beauties.

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in May
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Codling Moth Trap
  • Plant summer annual flowers and rudbekiaperennials.
  • Plant warm season vegetable seeds or starts.
  • Thin fruit set on fruit trees (leave 6” between the ones you want to ripen). Prune for size controlas needed.
  • Prune spring blooming shrubs (lilacs, forsythia, etc.) immediately after bloom.

See more to do in your
garden in the Spring.

SEMINAR: Our famous “Drip Irrigadrip classtion Made Simple”   June 13 & 15 (Sat & Mon), 9am – 11am. Learn to save water and time in your landscape and garden!


More to come. Stay tuned!


moth trap

If you ever saw worms in an apple, pear, plum, or crabapple, it was due to the codling moth. Spring is the time of year to catch these moths with the traps then spray your trees if needed. You get two traps per package. Hang some in your trees and see what you catch. Read more about the codling moth in our spring newsletter.


Nursery Hours: 8:30-6 Daily

Front Yard Nursery, Inc.
5801 Mother Lode Drive, Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 626-3494

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